About Us

About Easy Sauces Nigeria Limited (ESNL)

Easy Sauces Nigeria Limited (ESNL) is a wholly owned indigenous company incorporated in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) with RC1134678. Its objective is to manufacture, market, distribute and sell African sauces and other tomato based sauces to local and international markets.

The business model and concept is to develop simple products and ideas using local labour and raw materials, develop African food products with world class quality that appeal to local and export markets, create jobs for Nigerians, encourage domestic and foreign investment, promote increased earnings for vegetable farmers, contribute to the general development of the economy, generate value for investors and significant foreign exchange earnings through provision of solutions to food security problems, uniform pricing, quality and availability thereby introducing food price stability.

It delivers uniform quality, stabilize price for retail and food service business and stabilize availability and deliver uniform supply of sauces and ingredients for convenient cooking.