“I stumbled upon your product over the weekend and I must admit it quite nice and I was wondering where I can make purchase in Ibadan. And it’s also interesting to know that it’s an indigenous company”

Alexander Oamen
Alexander Oamen
Daffodils Corporate Image Ltd

"It all started sometime this year when pepper was scarce (March – June, 2016). Three thousand, five hundred Naira worth of pepper-tomato mix was not enough for my family of 6 (Six). Then I remembered the sachet of Obe brought home by my husband and I decided to try it.

My children and my sister who visited were asking if it was party stew I served them. That is how good and sweet Obe sauce is!!! After my husband tasted the “Igbadun” of Obe, he encouraged me to get involved in the sales. So I decided to spread the gospel according to “Obe” inspired by Dr Adedeji (GCI OLD boy).

From my short narrative above, you can perceive the goodness of the product. In addition to Obe sauce being very good, it saves time and soothes the Naija environment of never expect power always by the almighty PHCN. Stays preserved on your shelve for a whole year once it remains sealed. E dibo f’obe jo!!!"

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Dr (Mrs) E. O. Jaiyesimi
Medical Practitioner, Zimi Investment Ltd, Sagamu, Ogun State

"Obe sauce is a testimony that Nigeria has got innovation, creativity and greatness in her. The unique combination makes a bad chef a good cook and a super chef churning out mouth-watering dishes daily. You need to taste it to understand better"

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Tosin Praise-Fowowe
Family Finance Coach, Ikeja, Lagos

Since I left Lagos, I’ve been craving for the taste of “Yoruba stew”, Obe sauce brought it right to my pot. I love using this sauce for my stew, spaghetti and jollof. Thank you Easysauces!!!

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Enobong Ette
Solar Energy Consultant, Agilet Energy Ltd, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

A word is not enough to explain the impact of OBE SAUCE (a product of Easysauces Nig. Ltd) to individual, Corporate, Government and the Economy. This is a very good innovation we Nigerians need. It assists all house wives to prepare the best food for their family within a short time at an affordable price. It promotes Agricultural products, thereby, boosting the Economy of our dear nation. etc. Thanks to DR. ADEDEJI.


Amazed at how authentic this product is. -Obe Sauce ... If you live in Lagos, you should try it. well done Jide Adedeji and his team at Easysauces! #proudlyNigerian

Ike Ilegbune
Ike Ilegbune
Serco Consulting and Serco Group, Lagos

I was so excited to see obe sauce on the shelf while shopping. I bought Hot and original obe sauce.

I have not tried them yet, but just said to commend the efforts you put into the product.

Thanks for giving Nigerians a great alternative.

Modele Olowoyeye